Monday, March 24, 2008

Perhaps they should have spent Spring Break studying instead of watching YouTube videos.

Last week was Spring Break in Thayer.

Friday, a couple of juniors or seniors (one with each type of reproductive fixtures) came into the library and checked their email and watched YouTube videos.

They weren't particularly loud or obnoxious.

As I was finishing up, the one with the external fixtures told the other one the video he was watching was really cool.

She looked over at the title and said "What is 'The Crau'?" Crau, pronounced like the Greek letter Tau. Rhymes with T'Pau.

He wouldn't answer her. She asked several more times what the crau is.

My curiousity aroused, as I got up to leave, I peeked over his shoulder.

It was this.

She grows up in rural America and she comes up with "The Crau"?

These are the results of our fine public school system in Missouri.

P.S. Anyone familiar with Paula Graham who responds with "Ich bin crau!" will get a good smack upside the head.

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