Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day2 of 40 and my ark's not built.

I woke up yesterday to torrential downpours and the culvert under my driveway plugged up with leaves and debris, sending whitewater rapids down the sidewalk.

If I'd had a raft, I could have shot the rapids.

And that is just barely hyperbole.

Like an idiot, I grabbed a shovel and tried for half an hour in the cold, pelting rain to unplug it. I cleared out as far as the shovel handle would reach but it was still stopped up.

So I did what any upstanding Libertarian would do.

I called city hall. The drainage ditch is, after all, their responsibility. And it was plugged up with leaves that washed down off of their road.

And generally, Libertarians don't mind people going to the government for help, as long as they've genuinely and honestly tried to fix the problem themselves first but can't.

An hour later, it was unplugged.

It has been raining ever since. Thayer is as flooded as I've ever seen it.

Story on Spring River flooding, just south of Thayer, here.

I'm trying to get FEMA to come to Thayer and look at the flood levels, so they can adjust their inaccurate floodplain maps, but I'm not having much luck so far.

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Anonymous said...

It rained for, like, 30 hours straight, rained some more, and well, I think officially we got 5.3inches at the aeropuerto. Ma and Pa got like 6 inches, and I heard Myrtle got about a foot of rain, and that, of course, is a little east of you, and a curiosity to me as a kid as Myrtle, West Myrtle, and South Myrtle all had different ZIP codes, being at some curious nexus of stuff, as they were.

Dangit, I got soaked out riding the bike last night, thinking it would be fun to ride to the store, but now I think I have a sore-throat/creeping-crud kind of sittyation.