Monday, March 24, 2008

But I thought it was brewed in Texas.

This will no doubt be disturbing to some of my Lone Star readers.

Shiner Inks $3.5 Million in Contracts
Shiner Signs $3.5 Million in Contracts to Supply Coated Films
March 24, 2008: 08:28 AM EST

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - Shiner International Inc. said Monday it received a $3.5 million contract to supply coated films to consumer goods makers in Australia and New Zealand.

The China-based company said the films are used in packaging of food, tobacco, drugs and cosmetics.

Now that I think about it, "Spoetzl" does sound kind of foreign.

I would think, though, that if it was a Chinese word, it would have more "X"s, "I"s and "U"s.

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