Monday, March 31, 2008

American Lung Association event causes rare lung disease.

I always knew governor's mansions were full of *ahem* guano.

And that the American Lung Association is hazardous to your health.

Here's proof:

After months of investigating, [Iowa] state health officials are confident a mysterious outbreak of a rare lung disease has its roots at the governor's mansion.

But they still don't have proof and other questions remain about how people were exposed to the disease at Terrace Hill.

State Epidemiologist Patricia Quinlisk says health officials are still awaiting test results to pin down the source of the histoplasmosis, an unusual but treatable lung disease.


Polk County doctors began reporting the disease, caused by an airborne fungi from bird or bat droppings, soon after the New Year's holiday.

Health officials worked to narrow the potential locations and connecting factors to the outbreak and determined many of those affected had attended an American Lung Association event at Terrace Hill on November 29th.

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