Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looks like Obama's gonna win.

And he'll do it with or without Missouri. If I had any hope that it would make a difference, I might reconsider my decision to vote for Libertarian Bob Barr and vote for McCain instead. But it won't make any difference. My vote either way won't make any difference in Missouri, and Missouri's electors won't make any difference on who wins the Presidency.

I guess the best we can hope for is that the Republicans can hold onto enough seats in the Senate to maintain a filibuster, and that they'll do it often.

We spent 40 years, untold hundreds of billions of dollars, and who knows how many lives fighting the Cold War to keep socialism from spreading across the globe, and we are on the brink of imposing it on America ourselves. Why did we bother? Why did all those young men and women die in Viet Nam? Wasn't the whole point of that little exercise to stop the communist/socialist dominoes from falling? Well, the biggest domino on the planet's about to fall, and the ones that will push it over are the American voters.

We have seen how this movie ends, people. And whatever theater it's shown in, it ain't gonna end well (pardon my grammar). In the Soviet Union, it ended with total societal collapse and a splintering of the country itself, after decades of breadlines and hopelessness. In North Korea, it is ending right now with people literally eating each other because they are starving. In China, it ends with tanks in Tianenmen Square and babies dying from tainted milk and people "disappearing" for speaking out against the government, and the only progress made comes from the country's gangsters who bribe the right corrupt politicians into letting them break the cripplingly oppressive rules everyone else has to follow. And it Cuba, it ends with the slow death of bleak stagnation that means the only cars people have are 50-year-old clunkers held together with baling twine and duct tape. Unless, of course, you're one of the lucky few that gets one on the black market one stolen from America.

That's the future America is heading for if Barack Obama is elected President. The Fairness Doctrine. Equal results guaranteed despite unequal effort. Caribou being more important than people. The politics of envy. The resentment of ability. The rewarding of failure. The evaporation of gun rights. Giving terrorists a voice in how we live our lives. The death of individual rights. The destruction of the greatest force for good our world has ever encountered -- capitalism. The rejection of every idea that built this country in to the most free, most powerful, most good nation in the history of mankind. The end of America itself.

But hey, it's all worth it as long as we punish everyone who has the gall to be more successful than we are, right?

Why I Don't Give Out Candy On Beggar's Night.*

If you want your kid to have candy, buy him candy.

Don't try to manipulate/coerce other people into buying him candy FOR you.

SUGGESTION: You can afford a lot of candy for him with what you'd spend on a costume.

*- "Beggar's Night" is a more correct term for Halloween.

John the Texter.

I got another crawl onto the bottom of the screen on The Rick Sanchez Show last week.

"al-Qaeda remembers how their endorsement of Kerry backfired & so they "endorsed" McCain because they want Obama."

Before it crawled across the first time, however, a panelist made that very point, so it looked a little silly.

Obama says he's going to "ask" the wealthy to pay more taxes.

When did the definition of "ask" expand to include "imprison you if you don't comply"?


If objective analysis of Obama's voting record places him to the left of self-identified socialist Bernie Sanders (as it does), how is Obama not a socialist?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unless you live in MO, OH, or ND (maybe NV & IN) . . .

... if you vote for John McCain or Barack Obama, you are wasting your vote.

If you live in CA, TX, or NY, for instance, your vote for either of the two major-party candidates will make zero difference to the outcome.

So why not vote for a third-party candidate and maybe help them achieve the threshold to be included in the 2012 debates?

Me? I live in MO. And, although I am not thrilled with their candidate, I will support the Libertarian Party by voting for Bob Barr.

I believe in the Libertarian Party. It's just that sometimes I don't believe in the Libertarians.

There has to be some penalty for McCain-Feingold and for the Giant Sociaist Takeover of The Banking Industry. So, R.I.N.O.* John McCain and D.I.N.O.* Barack Obama do not get my vote.

And someone PLEASE tell me what the f*** McCain is doing spending so much time in PA, with no hope of flipping the state his way?

* - Why is it that the "In Name Onlies" are always to the left of the party they "belong" to?


I may FINALLY be back on some semblance of a schedule. So my posting should resume it's normal weekly status.

I do have to go back to West Plains Tuesday (I'll try not to drink the water) but it shouldn't interfere with my Wednesday posting.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008


The STUPID EVIL GENIUS-In-Chief has been doing some reading, apparently.

Specifically, The Art of War and some Machiavelli.


Bush knows Obama will win the election. How better to ensure a Republican takeover of Congress in 2010 and a Republican White House win in 2012 than to plunge the country into The 2nd Great Depression, which will fully hit home on Obama's watch?

My One-Point Plan to Rescue The Economy.

1. Sew Paulson's Mouth Shut.

Every time he opens it, the Dow goes into freefall. Take Wednesday for example. With an hour to go until the closing bell, the Dow was up 100 points. Then Paulson just had to begin talking to the press. At the close, it was down just shy of 200 points. Cause and effect, people.

Has anyone else ever wondered . . .

... why people are so eager to settle for "the lesser of two evils" but not for the LEAST of THREE EVILS?

Represent, yo.

I got my message through to a national audience again yesterday, and it was again on CNN. The first time, you'll remember, was with my now-defunct (and apparently now cybersquatted) blog The Puffington Host in the now-defunct segment "Inside The Blogosphere" on the now-defunct show Inside Politics.

About a week ago, Rick Sanchez' show began crawling text messages from viewers on the bottom of the screen. I've sent a different text every day, from noting that the Banking Stabilization Bill sounds like one of the schemes dreamt up by the badguys in Atlas Shrugged to wondering when Congress was going to drag some of the deadbeat borrowers who skipped out on their debts in front of the cameras.

Yesterday, the topic du jour was the sheriff who referred to Barack Hussein Obama at a McCain campaign rally, and how awful and racist it was to do so.

I had been about to give up sending comments, because good ones "somehow" never seemed to make it onto the Ted Fonda Liberal Opinion Network, and stupid, borderline-retarded ones were repeated ad nauseum. (I can't count the times "Rick, this is great!" scrolled across the bottom of my TV that first day.)

But the notion that referring to someone by his or her full name is somehow racist enticed me to try one more time. It actually made it on and crawled across once in the last ten minutes of the program.

Here's what I sent:

RICK, were the Left being racist against whites when they repeatedly referred to "George Herbert Walker Bush"? -- John in Thayer, MO.

For some reason, they edited out "Thayer." Maybe they thought it didn't actually exist, since it's in flyover country.

I don't understand.

Didn't W assure us that Big Brother would only eavesdrop on terrorists, and not whack off while listening to Americans having phone sex?

And the winner of Best Website I Cannot Use Is . . .

... Spinspotters.

Why must I be so tormented by the sad clown of life?