Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Double Coupon Shopping.

Today I got two $1.28 cans of Wolf Chili for $1.76, a $1.32 French's yellow mustard squeeze bottle for $.72, a $.92 can of mild Rotel for negative $.08, and a $1.12 bottle of Joy Ultra dish detergent for $.52.

So in total, I got $5.92 worth of stuff for $2.92.

I'm thinking of keeping a record of every time I wind up paying negative money for a product and sending at least half of that money to the National Libertarian Party.

That would be killing two birds with one stone by sapping money from Borg Queen Obama's economy AND helping fund the Libertarians, who will lose their ballot access in 2012 in a lot of states if enough of us don't vote for them.

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