Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A free box of Afrin and an eight-cent box of cake mix.

I had to go out this morning for a 12-pk of Diet Dew, some bread, and a little bunch of miniature bananas. While I was at the store that doubles coupons up to $.50, I decided to do a little coupon shopping, too.

I got the $4.69 Afrin for free, some $.88 reduced-sugar yellow cake mix for $.08, a $1.25 box of Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes for $.75, a $1.50 can of Campbell's Clam Chowder for $.90, a $1.98 roll of Viva paper towels for $.98, a $.88 package of steam corn for $.28, and a $1.25 pump bottle of Softsoap for $.55.

Double coupons SO rock when you're Fighting The Power.


Tom Hanna said...

Okay, I gotta share. The $3.65 deli meats were on sale 5 for $10. They had 55 cent "save now" coupons on the front that got doubled but only to 45 cents for a total of $1 off. And inside each one of them was a $1 off coupon. I normally buy at least one and usually two of these a week, so I have two and a half weeks worth for $5 and $5 off the next 5 I buy. Almost free.

The downside - I had to take one of the grocery stores Big Brother is Watching Your Purchases Cards, but it's a store I rarely shop at anyway and I didn't fill out zee paperwork yet. I think I can probably just say "No, I don't have a card. Yes, I'd like one" and get the deals every time.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of Kroger customer-loyalty cards in the names of Boutros-Boutros Ghali and Dag Hammarskjold, both of whom seem to live at 69 Rue de Soixante-Neuf, Aynrandistan, and no one looks at me funny when I use the card.

And I get the little nearly-expired tubs of sour cream, normally a buck for the store brand, 39 cents on clearance, and occasionally score whole rotisserie chickens for $1.99 on Saturday mid-evenings, as I intend to do here directly.

Of course, a perfectly drinkable hard cider can be made with cheap-ish 64- or 96-ounce bottles of apple juice, some baker's yeast, and 4 or so days of fermentation time. Final cost runs maybe half that of beer, and according to my floating ball radiator tester thingee, the specific gravity, and thus, the alcohol content, should be a nice increase over 5% ABV beer.

Der R-Mann