Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fight The Power With Pruning Shears and a Handsaw.

Yesterday I'm watching TV in the living room. I look out the window and see a police car backing down the alley that's at the left edge of my yard if you're standing on the porch facing outward.

At the front corner of the yard is a fairly large, pyramidal evergreen bush of unknown species (boxwood, maybe?).

The car is the dark grey 409-3. He backs down the alley a ways and sits there awhile.

I neither know nor particularly care what he is doing there, but it occurs to me that such a place would be a good place to hide in wait for speeders.

He sits there awhile longer, then takes off again.

My bedroom is at that corner of the house. This morning, I realized there was much too little light coming into my bedroom windows, so I took the pruning shears and hacksaw to the bush and didn't stop until there was nothing left of it but six or seven spindly little sapling-sized upshoots, stripped of all branches and leaves up to about seven feet.

Good luck hiding behind THAT.

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