Wednesday, July 9, 2008

They'll be having one of those Intervention things for ME one of these days.

Saturday night I decided to quit cigs and nearly quit caffeine.

Sunday afternoon, I had to revise the decision.

Not too bright of me to try to quit them both at the same time. It caused insatiable appetite and a giant, invisible C-clamp to steadily tighten at it's contact points on the sides of my forehead.

So I gave up on quitting the caffeine and decided to limit my smoking to a pack a day.

Monday, I ran out of cigarettes around noon.

I made it past what I thought was the worst part that afternoon, the fatigue and sweaty forehead, by taking a nap.

Around six, I was feeling almost human again.

At seven, I watched an episode of A&E network's INTERVENTION.

The guy smoked crack using a rolled-up piece of Diet Coke carton.

All I could think about was how much it looked like a cigarette. It was like some sort of Lung Cancer Porn; I could not take my eyes off the scene.

When the scene was over, I had to make a trip to the convenience store.

Two packs of Camel Menthols.

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