Saturday, July 5, 2008

Speaking of Maxipads . . .

I’m sitting in my car Tuesday, waiting for the library to open. As usual, they’re late. For the umpteenth time, I wonder when people just stopped caring about doing things the right way, like showing up on time.

Lying on the sidewalk, about halfway between me and the door, is what appears to be a white piece of paper of some sort.

Finally, one of the librarians arrives.

I get out of my car and start toward the library.

When I get to the object on the sidewalk, I realize it is not a piece of paper, but a lightweight feminine hygiene product. Gross. At least it doesn’t appear to be used.

I go on about my business and enter the library for my blogging fix.

About ninety minutes later, I come back out.

And notice two more of the things between the original and my car, over by the edge of the grass.

I get a mental picture of some woman having a VERY bad day, trying to chase down her panty shields in a windstorm.

For a moment, it’s an amusing image.

But then I wonder why she had an open box of panty shields OUTSIDE.

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