Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hey, Bob. I gotta suggestion.

Pick Sam Nunn as your running mate. C'mon. It'll be cool.

Barr/Nunn '08.

I'd still rather vote for Paul/Gigot, but that doesn't seem like it's gonna happen.


Anonymous said...

And dammit, where's the bill co-sponsored by the representative of Michigan's 15th US Congressional District and Arkansas' 1st US Congressional district, the "Dingell/Berry" bill? Oh well, maybe like that other Marion Berry, "da bitch set him up" or something-and John Dingell is kinda old.


John said...

I watched the Libertarian convention on C-SPAN, honest.

So why did the picking of Wayne Root there as Barr's running mate totally elude me when I wrote this post?