Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finally, a useful poll.

72% of poll respondents say Bud can no longer call itself "The Great American Lager" if InBev succeeds in their buyout.

Remember when Bud derided Miller (and now, I guess Coors) as "That South-African Beer"?

With the Big Three of American Beermaking now in foreign hands, which three beers should replace them?

Obviously, I'm gonna vote for Shiner Bock, even though it's more regional than national. And I guess Samuel Adams would have to be in there too. But I'm having a hard time coming up with a third.

I know, let's do a poll. If you don't see your suggestion listed in the poll, leave list it here.


Tom Hanna said...

If it's still made in Missouri, it's still The Great Missouri Lager.

Shiner Bock is almost as bad as Rolling Rock. I think that's a rhyme, but I'm not really sure since I learned that in "The Jop".

Anonymous said...

I'm going to sound like a fop here, but Flying Dog Brewery and New Belgium Brewery (makers of Fat Tire) might qualify, as might the stuff from Narragansett and Saranac in Rhode Island and New York, respectively. Rolling Rock makes Sean M. sh*t on the table, or sump'n.

The R Man

Anonymous said...

...for that matter, I'll also suggest August Schell's brewery in Minnesota (makers of Grain Belt, an eternal fave in the lutefisk state) and Yuengling in Pennsylvania, which are the country's two oldest breweries.

L'Homme d'R

John said...

"If it's still made in Missouri, it's still The Great Missouri Lager. "

That the Negroes do all of the cotton-picking does not make the plantation black-owned. :)

"Shiner Bock is almost as bad as Rolling Rock."