Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hugo and The Bunny Man.

For reasons discussed elsewhere, I spend no money in Thayer unless I absolutely HAVE to.

So, when I found myself in Salem last week with time to kill, I decided to pick up some things I have been doing without. I went to a little discount grocery store south of town and bought, among other things, frog legs.

On the way back, I decided to stop at a little convenience store that has been there forever and buy some gas.

When I was running the streets of Salem, it was a Sinclair station. I think the last time I checked, it was a Phillips 66.

I never thought to look for what brand it was, until I was pulling out.


But in my defense, Hugo Chavez has never showed up in my front yard and told me I am not ALLOWED to have an opinion.

Had I seen the Citgo sign, I *STILL* would not have waited until I got back to Thayer to fill up ($20), but I wouldn't have bought Citgo, either. I would have bought my gas at the Shell station in Salem.

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