Friday, February 8, 2008

WHO wants to meddle in my lungs.

That's not a question, by the way.

The World Health Organization offers up a plan that will surely make both of Arkansas former governors now in the national spotlight (especially Nanny Huckabee) stain any nearby blue dresses.

The WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2008 urges governments to adopt six “tobacco control policies” — raise taxes and prices of tobacco; ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; protect people from secondhand smoke; warn people about the dangers of tobacco; help those who want to quit smoking; and monitor tobacco use to understand and reverse the epidemic.

1. When did words stop having meanings? Tobacco is not an "epidemic." If I stand next to tobacco, I am not going to "catch" tobacco. Further if you stand next to someone who is smoking, you are not going to "catch" smoking unless you choose to.

2. Note that individual choice does not enter into their equation.

3. I hate one-worlders.

Hands off my lungs, Health Nazis!

In a related note, smoking bans cause unemployment.

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