Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Much of Gassville and what a local newsradio reporter described as "90% of the business district" in Highland/Ash Flat Arkansas were destroyed by tornadoes last night.

As we drove around Highland, the signs of destruction were everywhere. A fire truck returning to it's no longer standing station; A former car lot smashed and the Timberline restaurant stripped of walls and it's sign toppled by the winds.

Air-Evac Lifeteam set up a Disaster Response Team at the Ash Flat Church of Christ and last night the Fulton County Hospital sent out a call over the radio for all medical personnel to report to the hospital to deal with the injured.

We here in the Ozarks often wonder why people live in earthquake and fire zones. And yet here we sit right in the middle of tornado alley and think nothing unusual of it.

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