Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Idk how much I'll be blogging. Isn't it futile to continue raging against the dying of the light after the Dems & Reps have smashed the lightbulb into a million pieces & siezed control of the lamp? Libertarians may retrieve a few slivers of glass from the trash, but can they ever reassemble them into a functioning lightsource? No. So why bother? I dunno if I should even vote anymore. Doesn't participation in a process imply an endorsement of the results? Chk out my tweets & fb if u wanna keep up w/ me.

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Anonymous said...

I keep checking out both the TweetyBird thing and your blog, so I guess I'm hooked.

I still think the "Mandarin" spoken in Firefly/Serenity is made up. Mmmmmm, Mandarin Slice...that would taste really good right now, but a Diet Rite Tangerine may have to suffice.