Monday, July 20, 2009

There are SOME Randian superheroes left.


According to the signs he posted for "Hope-y, Change-y Obama Lemonade," the drink had special "class warfare prices" that depended on each customer's income. Those who made less than $25,000 per year were to pay 25 cents, while those in the upper income brackets paid a full five bucks. The profits will help Scherle's grandson pay off the federal deficit in 2030, according to one sign.

That's probably better at getting the point across than the way I would have done it.

I would have used the opportunity for a little "Re-Redistribution Of Wealth." Those making under $25K would have to pay the five bucks, and those making more would pay increasingly less ("increasingly less?" WTF does THAT mean?) until, if you're a multimillionaire, you'd pay nothing at all. It's the opposite of progressivism. What would one call that, exactly, CONgressivism?

Then, when the poor bought their expensive lemonade, I'd shout at them "See? Now you know how it FEELS, asshole!"

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