Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life In Post-America Linkfest: 8-6-08.

Englewood CO siccing the poop police on people who don't pick up the dog poop in their own yards within 72 hours.
So, in theory, your a-hole neighbor could wait until you're on vacation, turn his dog out to take a dump in your yard, then turn you in to the Poop Police if you don't clean it up.

SanFran institutes $1000 fine for "improper recycling," including not dumping your foodwaste into a compost heap, which is just what every apartment needs.
In St. Paul, Big Brother loves your trees. And the water bill you have to pay.

"Chicago, Chicago, That Nannystate Town . . ."

Jawbone Bluetooth gives a discount for getting caught breaking the law.

Shock Therapy is hip again!

Homeowner's Association stands in the way of teen Prime Mover's solution to the energy crisis.

Maryland H.O.A. also hates the earth.

Susana Tregobov dries clothes on a line behind her Maryland townhouse, saving energy and money. But now her homeowners association has ordered her to bring in the laundry. The crackdown came after a neighbor complained that the clothesline "makes our community look like Dundalk," a low-income part of Baltimore.

Tregobov and her husband plan to fight for their right to a clothesline, but the odds are against them. Although their state recently passed a law protecting homeowners' rights to erect solar panels for generating electricity, it is still legal in Maryland for communities to ban solar clothes-drying.

Can anyone claim Tasers are nonlethal force with a straight face anymore?

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