Monday, August 11, 2008

Life in Post-America Linkfest: 8-11-08.

Which is worse for society, people smoking pot or jackbooted thugs breaking down the doors of people they know are likely innocent and shooting their dogs?

Doctor secretly and without permission sterilizes patient, is neither arrested nor de-licensed. In my book, that's eugenics.

Stone arch collapses in Utah; park officials place the blame on gravity. Good to know the government thinks we're too stupid to know that gravity is what makes things fall down without them telling us.

Entire neighborhood in West Helena AR placed under house arrest without charge.

Yet another death from "nonlethal" Taser.

Jackson MS city councilman pushes ban on sale of guns at pawnshops.

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Tom Hanna said...

I still believe in the death penalty for three things: premeditated killing of children, mass/serial murder and cops who shoot people's dogs.

Related note, I was hearing on Laura ingraham's radio show about Baghdad Pups, an SPCA program to help soldiers bring dogs that had adopted them back to the US from Iraq. Seems like a great idea, but with dog's relatively short life span I'm worried that they may not have the chance to live long enough to get citizenship. This is a problem that may not get fixed until we do the right thing and give dogs the vote. (But not cats - they're overwhelmingly Democrats.)