Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life In Post-America Linkfest: 8-27-08.

Puerto Rico makes Wal-Mart raise milk prices.

Kenny Hulshof reminds us Jay Nixon tried to penalize a gas station for selling cheap gas.

9-yr-old ball player kicked off team for being too good.

Long-term effects of Oklahoma's nanny-state-funded pre-K are not OK.

Clayton NC bans "tethering of animals."

Hickman NE targets aging horse for eviction.

Is it a legitimate government function to ban "vineyards on hillsides with slopes greater than 50 percent"?

Why do the Democrats hate trees? And on a related note, why is it that, four years after this incident, the Democrats are still being thwarted by the Evil Balloons?

BECK: Penn, did you see -- did you see the thing on the balloons? It`s biodegradable balloons. They can`t get them to degrade. And there is still somebody on a compost heap right now pouring extra liquid on them -- damn these balloons. They`re supposed to biodegrade.

JILLETTE: What scares me about that story was that they didn`t say pouring liquid on it. They said liquid.

BECK: Liquid, yes.

JILLETTE: That scares me a lot. Because when I mean water, I often say water. That`s a word most people know.

BECK: I`ve never, ever -- I`ve never said, "You know what? Gosh, I could go for a big glass of liquid."

JILLETTE: Exactly. So I`m worried that what they`re pouring on those balloons might be something we don`t want to know about.

BECK: Right. Like acid.

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