Friday, April 4, 2008

There once was a Bugs Bunny cartoon . . .

. . . where Bugs got a hair (hare?) up his arse about the low bounty paid for rabbits and rebelled against the government and sawed the Florida peninsula off so that it floated out to sea.

No, seriously, there was.

All that's missing is a Guy Fawkes mask.

Anyway, my point is -- I wonder if we could enlist Bugs to do the same to Seattle.

Paper or plastic? Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and City Council President Richard Conlin say the answer is neither.

The two are proposing a 20-cent fee on disposable shopping bags at grocery, drug and convenience stores. Their plan announced Wednesday also calls for a ban on foam take-home containers, plates and cups at restaurants.

Remember the little yelow foam Big Mac containers McDonald's used to have? How convenient they were to put the burger in one side and the fries in the other? The squeaky feel of them?

And how McDonald's lost a lot of it's charm after it gave into the greenies and gave them up, first switching to totally unacceptable paper wrappers for the Big Macs, then responding to what must have been millions of customer complaints and building a lame little box?

That is what is about to happen to Seattle.

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