Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LSD Pioneer/Psychonaut Albert Hoffman dies at 102.

Here he describes the very first LSD trip ever:

He became the first human guinea pig of the drug when a tiny amount of the substance seeped onto his finger during a laboratory experiment on April 16, 1943.

"I had to leave work for home because I was suddenly hit by a sudden feeling of unease and mild dizziness," he subsequently wrote in a memo to company bosses.

"Everything I saw was distorted as in a warped mirror," he said, describing his bicycle ride home. "I had the impression I was rooted to the spot. But my assistant told me we were actually going very fast."

Upon reaching home, Hofmann began experiencing what he called "wonderful visions."

Do they make tie-dyed caskets?

And if he lived to be 102, how bad for your health can it be?

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