Monday, April 21, 2008

Maybe we should change the state motto to "The We-Is-Stupid State."

It's not even so much that they inadvertently left out the hyphen.

It's that they refuse to fix the error.

Missouri's Department of Revenue said it will not correct a grammatical
error in new license plates because that's how voters want it to be.

"Show-Me" is one adjective. It describes the state as one in which the residents want to see things before believing them.

"Show Me State" has two adjectives describing "state." One is "Show," as in "show dog." The other is "Me," as in "the Me Generation."

If that's how the "voters want it to be," then voters are too stupid to trust democracy with.

Democracy is three wolves and a lamb voting on whether or not to use correct English.

I can just hear Jim Taggart indignantly asking, "Who's to say there's only one correct usage?"

I think we're at the point in Atlas Shrugged right before Hank Rearden leaves . . .

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