Monday, April 7, 2008


Remember when I came up with 1001 Simple Observations on a Complicated Existence?

Me neither, mostly.

But I do remember that one of the observations was that it's usually easier to make three right-handed turns than one left-handed turn, because left turns are kind of hard.

UPS agrees, and adds that they burn more gas too.

The company employs what it calls a “package flow” software program, which among other hyperefficient practices involving the packing and sorting of its cargo, maps out routes for every one of its drivers, drastically reducing the number of left-hand turns they make (taking into consideration, of course, those instances where not to make the left-hand turn would result in a ridiculously circuitous route).

Last year, according to Heather Robinson, a U.P.S. spokeswoman, the software helped the company shave 28.5 million miles off its delivery routes, which has resulted in savings of roughly three million gallons of gas and has reduced CO2 emissions by 31,000 metric tons.

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