Friday, July 3, 2009

I wonder . . .

... how many shared dreams there are in the collective sub/unconscious ether. You know, the dreams everyone seems to have more than once.

I can think of at least five. I don't count the falling one, because it's more a sensation as you fall asleep than an actual dream. But here are some of the ones I'm able to identify.

There's the one where you go to school/work naked. The one where you are taking or are about to take a test you haven't studied for. The flying one. The one where the closet at the end of your bed opens up and becomes a puppet theater, and demonic Punch & Judy puppets rise from the suspiciously red-glowing area below and tell you awful, horrible things, like how they're going to stab everyone in your family. And finally, the one where you're in a public place like a library or a department store or a restaurant and you either have to poop or have let a very wet-sounding fart and need to check your underwear, and the only "restroom" in the place isn't a room at all, but a single stall out in the middle of everything, and the walls only come up to seated-armpit height or the door is missing or unable to shut, so everyone can see you, and you go into it and don't know how exactly you're going to do your business without everyone looking at you, and then you wake up.

What's that, you've never had the last two? Well, in that case, neither have I! I, uh, have a FRIEND who has, and he told me about it! Yeah, that's it!

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