Friday, March 27, 2009

There's No "I" In "Drone."

I get what He's trying to do with the bees.

He's borrowing a page from the Clintons' playbook and trying to make it all about the symbolism. You know, style over substance. You remember the Clinton Era, don't you, when appearance mattered over reality so much that on more than one occasion when Congress held hearings on pollution or harassment or the health problem du jour, they would call to offer expert testimony and actor or actress who had starred in a movie about that problem?

It's not all that surprising really, coming as it does from someone with a Borg mentality. "Look what the noble collective can do, My underlings. All it takes is a strong central individual and a bunch of workers and drones that have shed their individuality and intellect in favor of The Hive Mind. See how much can be accomplished when we are each our brother's beekeeper."

But bees are not people, Mr. President. They do not come with a soul in their basic equipment package. They are not endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those very concepts are often annihilated for individuals in The Hive for "The Greater Good."

Another difference between bees and people is that bees lack the greatest force for the good and progress of the species that has ever existed -- the human capacity to reason. Bees do not experiment. Bees do not invent. Bees do not transform a slab of metal and perspiration into a Cadillac, nor do they aspire to try. Bees do not discover penicillin. Bees do not punish the murderers among them.

You know what bees do, Mr. President? They eat and drink and poop and accidentally pollinate some flowers and stick chewed-up paper on the walls and if they're lucky they might get laid somewhere along the way and then they sting you and then they die. They don't assign their best minds to work on curing the Colony Collapse problem; they have not invented a Mite Repellant Cream.

And when they die, hey, no big. What is one nameless drone among thousands? It's not like he ever did anything special with his life. It's not like he invented the Cadillac.

Nothing worth a damn was ever designed by a committee.

I'm pretty sure that goes for colonies, too.

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