Friday, March 27, 2009

Nixon: Pay no attention to that name on the letterhead!

"It's all Matt Blunt's fault, honest!"

"And please don't notice that I spent nearly a week defending the report!"

The MIAC report has been retracted, but I wonder whether it's possible to unring the bell.

Suppose you work in a cubicle at Corporation X. One day, Memo #8675309 crosses your desk. It warns you to be wary of Gay Rastafarian Swedes, because they may be dangerous.

Weeks later, another memo crosses your desk, saying only that Memo #8675309 is null and void.

Now, a little time passes, and who walks into the office but a Gay Rastafarian Swede?

Do you remember the second memo? Or does the phrase "Gay Rastafarian Swede" connect a couple of neurons in the back of your mind? Wasn't there something said about them being dangerous awhile ago?

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Anonymous said...

Ya mon, pleathe to be tokin' my Lutefishk in me loft, mon!

Dayumm, the "word verification" word is "witchag"-too much like "SeaHag," me thinks...