Wednesday, September 10, 2008


How long could it take to key in an eight-digit number?

Here; let's time it.

Duh-duh-duh-duh. Duh-duh-duh-duh.

How long was that? Less than a second?

Certainly, not as long as it would take for a bunch of Pleasantville's booger-pullers to put their grimy little digits on a fingerprint scanner. From my recollection of middle school, you'd have to stop and Windex the thing after every scan.

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Anonymous said...

Some of us have fingy-prints that are exceptionally hard to read, as cops, employers, and the plasma center tells us. What of us? And yes, I can memorize a great many 8-digit numbers a lot easier than I can scan my finger 12 or 15 or 20 times.