Monday, December 15, 2008

A little ditty 'bout Campeon & Bebe . . .

Thursday I'm at a little local salvage grocery store, and I find myself skimming through school supplies. I've already sent out all the Kwaanza gifts I plan to for this year, but there's no reason not to get a jump start on next year, and maybe beat a little inflation to boot.

I come across these neat little personalized camouflage pencils and think these might be just the thing to send to my friends next Kwaanza. The ones for boys are green camo and the girly ones are pink camo.

But there are no Kevins. No Callies. No Toms. No Roberts, no Bryans, and certainly no Rs.

There are, however, plenty of Campeons and Bebes.

I didn't get them. Yet.

I have plenty of time to decide by next Kwaanza whether or not I want to rename all my friends Campeon and Bebe.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I sincerely regret that I didn't get you a $4 Brunton 8010 compass at the gun show on Saturday and just got them for me and the infant son of a good friend and my toddler nephew. Dang, I lost my good compass, and this one is at least as good and retails for $25, normally, so I practically *stoled* this 'un.

Dang those people and their made-up names. Too bad you didn't see a pencil with Jermaine X. Welfare inscribed thereon.