Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unless you live in MO, OH, or ND (maybe NV & IN) . . .

... if you vote for John McCain or Barack Obama, you are wasting your vote.

If you live in CA, TX, or NY, for instance, your vote for either of the two major-party candidates will make zero difference to the outcome.

So why not vote for a third-party candidate and maybe help them achieve the threshold to be included in the 2012 debates?

Me? I live in MO. And, although I am not thrilled with their candidate, I will support the Libertarian Party by voting for Bob Barr.

I believe in the Libertarian Party. It's just that sometimes I don't believe in the Libertarians.

There has to be some penalty for McCain-Feingold and for the Giant Sociaist Takeover of The Banking Industry. So, R.I.N.O.* John McCain and D.I.N.O.* Barack Obama do not get my vote.

And someone PLEASE tell me what the f*** McCain is doing spending so much time in PA, with no hope of flipping the state his way?

* - Why is it that the "In Name Onlies" are always to the left of the party they "belong" to?

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Anonymous said...

I'm scared not to vote for Obama after Buckwheat Macaca called me last night, axing me to do so...