Friday, October 10, 2008

Represent, yo.

I got my message through to a national audience again yesterday, and it was again on CNN. The first time, you'll remember, was with my now-defunct (and apparently now cybersquatted) blog The Puffington Host in the now-defunct segment "Inside The Blogosphere" on the now-defunct show Inside Politics.

About a week ago, Rick Sanchez' show began crawling text messages from viewers on the bottom of the screen. I've sent a different text every day, from noting that the Banking Stabilization Bill sounds like one of the schemes dreamt up by the badguys in Atlas Shrugged to wondering when Congress was going to drag some of the deadbeat borrowers who skipped out on their debts in front of the cameras.

Yesterday, the topic du jour was the sheriff who referred to Barack Hussein Obama at a McCain campaign rally, and how awful and racist it was to do so.

I had been about to give up sending comments, because good ones "somehow" never seemed to make it onto the Ted Fonda Liberal Opinion Network, and stupid, borderline-retarded ones were repeated ad nauseum. (I can't count the times "Rick, this is great!" scrolled across the bottom of my TV that first day.)

But the notion that referring to someone by his or her full name is somehow racist enticed me to try one more time. It actually made it on and crawled across once in the last ten minutes of the program.

Here's what I sent:

RICK, were the Left being racist against whites when they repeatedly referred to "George Herbert Walker Bush"? -- John in Thayer, MO.

For some reason, they edited out "Thayer." Maybe they thought it didn't actually exist, since it's in flyover country.

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