Monday, September 28, 2009

As long as we're on Michael Moore...

... his little pie analogy is just stupid. But, for the sake of argument, assume it's not stupid.

Speaking on inequality and lack of access to good loan conditions and livelihood for the vast majority, Moore stated “There's the larger crime, though, of course, of how the pie is divided in this country. And the fact that one guy can come to the table and take nine slices of that pie and leave one slice for everyone else at the table to fight over, that is criminal.

He does not consider the possibility that that one person bought the ingredients for the pie, supplied the stove, and hired a baker to make the pie. If it's your pie, you get to decide how it's divvied up, right?

Nor does he consider the fact that over the years, that person has "grown the pie" and improved the ingredients, so that the "crumbs" are now larger, better-tasting and more healthy than entire pies were as recently as a half-century ago.

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Anonymous said...

Even dirt-poor folks in this country do a lot better than the masses in places like Burkina Faso, for instance, a nation which Australian diplomats refer to as a "busted-arse" country.

Why the hell is life like playing duck, duck, goose with Mister Spock?

Why does the effeminate version of Timothy Dalton hang his Hermes ties in front of an ice fireplace?

Why am I tormented by the sad clown of life?