Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm 3 for 3.

I wonder if I'm the only one texting The Brian Gongol Show. I've texted them three times, and so far every one has been commented on on the show.

One was a week ago last night, when I said GM is already dead and the government is wearing the corpse like Buffalo Bill in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

Then, during the week, I texted a question about how many of those "ready to repay" banks are the ones that didn't WANT a bailout in the first place, but were FORCED to take one by the government, so that now the government, upon repayment, can say "See? It WORKED!"

Brian was short-handed last night and I didn't think he was going to get around to that one, because he wanted to talk about Iran and Iowa's self-image problem, so I texted that people outside Iowa don't know much of anything about it other than corn, caucuses and Radar O'Reilly (sp?). I didn't mention how easily Iowa was confused with Ohio and Idaho postally, or how it looks pretty much like Nebraska East to outsiders. That one made it on, then in the waning few minutes he read the bank text on the air.

He moved on to his YAY CAPITALISM BABY and TINFOIL HAT awards. The Tinfoil Hat award was about renaming Sears Tower to Willis Tower. I didn't have time to text in "At least it's not 'Willis Tower, brought to you by Preparation H'" before he went off the air. We'll see next Sunday night (starting at 9 PM, 1040-AM) if that one gets on, or if by then it's time will have passed.

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