Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama McCavity.

I had one of those Unified Field moments of synthesis last night.

I was planning what I wanted to post today, and while mulling over Borg Queen Obama a seemingly random memory popped into my head. A quote, I think to my friend Max, in high school or maybe my brief stint at a Government Higher Indoctrination Center.

A simple observation:

"Dogs are glad to see YOU; Cats are glad that YOU see THEM."

I've revisited this once or twice over the decades, and come up with an expansion.

"Dogs are glad for themselves to see you; cats may be genuinely glad for YOU that you see them."

Suddenly, my muse vomited the following on my head.

Obama is a cat. He thinks so highly of himself that he honestly believes he is doing us a favor by letting us bask in his presence. Our President, my friends, is a cat.

Which explains why it took him a lifetime to get a dog.

And why he is so often found sitting on the floor, one leg hiked straight up in the air, cleaning his butt with his tongue.

I just hope he doesn't spray the furniture.

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