Friday, February 20, 2009


I've noticed that on Rick Sanchez' show, a few twitterers are overrepresented. Their comments appear over and over, and are not particularly insightful or "airworthy." They get airtime anyway.

And conservative/libertarian tweets are few and far between. Since the show stopped running direct texts in favor of tweets, I have managed to get exactly one through.

Why is this? And do we really need to see "Oh, Rick! You and Barack R SO smart and make me moist!" run four times in an hour, when conservative/libertarian opinions don't appear anytime during that hour? Are we stupid enough to believe NOBODY sent an intelligent, right-leaning tweet to the show during that time?

So I took a look at their Twitter pages. They seem to have almost no opinions that do not reference Rick Sanchez, and they wallow in adulation of both Rick Sanchez and Barack Obama.

curious1966. Freakyfran. bethbangert. upsetAtUSA.

Can someone with a little more technosavvy than me do me a favor and see if any or all of these come from the same ISP address, and if that ISP is located in either CNN headquarters or the Obama campaign?

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