Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looks like I bought it too early.

The movie 300 will be on sale for six bucks at Walmart the morning after the Festival of Gluttony.

I paid $13 for it a couple weeks ago.

Still, I may venture out on Capitalism Day morning and check what other movies are selling for six bucks.

Or two.

Maybe I can get enough that I won't have to buy any more for the next four or (shudder) eight years.

We shall overcome.

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Anonymous said...

The hot movie at Wal-Mart on South Campbell in Springfield, and the Thayer-size Wal-Mart in Corning, Arkansas, is "Black Sheep-Extreme Unrated" about mutant, human-face-eating sheep in New Zealand, though I think I'll wait 'til the price drops from $9 to maybe fifty cents-I *really* want to see this one.